4chan and tumblr… continued pain for all involved

So, did you hear about 4chan and Tumblr?  They’ve apparently gone all wargames on each other and have mutually-assured each other’s destruction… or at least interfered with each other’s traffic through DoS, trolling, and all around hijinkery.

Anyway, 4chan dumped all sorts of terribleness all over Tumblr… Tumblr responded with kitten backlash.  Then, a bunch of DoS.  And we’re still not entirely sure what caused the 4chan site outage this morning, but we’re suspecting somehow Tumblr users are involved.

It looks like much of the smoke has cleared now… the 4chan site is back up (at least for the time being), Tumblr seems to be responding zippily… or at least as zippily as it ever does.

So what did we learn from all this?   I’m not sure it’s a lot.  I’m waiting to see what falls out of this.  I’d be surprised if we don’t see some law enforcement moving against one (or both) of these sites relatively soon though…

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