• Governance and Compliance
  • Software and Application Security
  • Risk Management
  • Collaboration Security
  • Wired and Wireless Network Management

Information security professionals understand that a robust security posture comes from an understanding of the business and the people in it. Technology investment and buying new products is only part of the risk management picture. If solutions aren’t implemented in ways that fit the business, legal and regulatory needs, they won’t be effective.

SecurityCurve brings a proven track record of intelligent solutions assessment, selection and deployment to the table to help our clients pick and deploy the right security frameworks and tools in a rapidly changing landscape.

FFIEC 2011 supplement guidance, PCI 2.0, Wi-Fi, securing software and the SDLC, data leak prevention, virtualization, instant messaging and collaboration security, so many technologies- but which ones (if any) do you really need?

SecurityCurve’s consulting services are about matching the business requirements to available technology. We don’t believe newer is always better and we definitely don’t believe  the latest buzz-worthy technology is necessarily the best-fit solution. We’ll work with your organization to help you define your needs and select and deploy the right products and build solutions that work.

SecurityCurve provides custom research and trusted advisory services on development of successful compliance programs, best path, best fit solutions, product analysis, regulatory impact assessment, and peer/industry vertical reality checks.

Got a research topic that needs investigation, but no analyst firm is covering it yet? Or a set of specific questions on a strategy or technology selection?

Most research analysts work to a pre-set research calendar and don’t have the flexibility to address some of the specific questions vendors need to know to stay competitive.

  • Research Reports customized for your enterprise
  • Targeted Market Research
  • Investigation of New and Emerging Markets
  • Analysis of Customer Needs
  • Case Studies
  • Feedback on Customer Experiences
  • Lab Testing

For security vendors that want focused, just-in-time information about competitors, market, and potential customers. We have extensive experience in the integration and planning space and understand the buyers’ pain and can help you reach them more effectively with products and messages that speak directly to their needs.

We’ll work with you to find the best way to deliver the competitive information and strategic planning you need, when you need it.

From email based consulting to tight coupling with your organization and active involvement in planning sessions and product maps, we’ll work together on your success.

One to three day workshops and seminars, delivered on-site. Custom seminars can be created. Currently available seminar topics include:

  • Planning for Cloud and Virtualization Security
  • Understanding the Security Buyer: What Really Matters
  • Routing and DNS Security
  • PCI v2.0 What you Need to Know Now
  • Securing the Software Development Lifecycle: Requirements through Deployment
  • Security Metrics That Matter (in collaboration with SpireSecurity)
  • Planning for and Securing Sharepoint Deployments (in collaboration with Karen Hobert)
  • Building an Effective Security Program
  • Collaboration and Consensus Building
  • Security Architecture Review and Planning
  • Moderated Strategy Discussions for Market Assessment and Direction

SecurityCurve analysts are available for a variety of speaking engagements on our core research focus areas. While we will promise to provide a lively, engaging presentation, we will not present vendor specific pitches.

  • Presentations to Staff On-site
  • Customer User Conferences
  • Independent Analysis Portion of a Sponsored Webinar
  • Newsletter Articles
  • Podcasts
  • Media Outreach

Need a trusted, objective adviser, but not a full-time employee? Someone to help cut through marketing hype and help your organization assess the real cost/benefits of a proposed security solution or architecture?

Maybe you’re interested in having a go-to expert for easy to understand explanations of new vulnerabilities and their impacts. Or to help you navigate changes in regulations and standards like PCI. Or to help with projects in an advisory capacity.

If so, this is the service for you. Build an on-going relationship with a single SecurityCurve analyst or work with the network of partner SecurityCurve analysts as needed.

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