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Diana was brought in to help jump-start cloud security thinking and help lay out a path for solution development. Her deep understanding of the security space combined with an appreciation for the challenges allowed her to quickly assess ideas with realistic opportunities. She helped lead the discussion, create a unified and singular vision, and a bring forward a strategy which proved to be successful.

Ron Moritz, General Manager, Forefront, Microsoft Corporation*

Diana provided deep understanding and wide ecosystem knowledge to the market and technology studies. She used her broad connections to key individuals to help gather and analyze the market segments, technology options and guidance to help my project target the appropriate direction and strategy. I highly recommend her and Security Curve!

-Steve Orrin, Director of Security Solutions for Intel Corp.*

We hired Diana to work on a messaging and service packaging redesign initiative. Diana was excellent to work with and infused every aspect of the project with her extensive knowledge of the space and creative ideas. The result was a redefined approach to service positioning that helped elevate the value proposition from tactical benefits to one that made a strategic difference. I would highly recommend Diana.

Samskriti King, VP, Product Strategy and Marketing at Veracode*

Diana is a very sharp and clever analyst of security and risk management, and a real fun to work with. She helped us to identify and crystallize the technical uniqueness of WCK’s-bSRM (Business Driven Security Risk Management solution), and made it possible to communicate it a in clear language to business managers. Her immediate responsiveness, and up-to the minute delivery of results, made our remote working mode seem seamless.

Eyal Edar, President and CEO at WCK*

I have worked regularly with Secure Curve over the past few years and find that they have an excellent level of subject matter expertise on a variety of topics. Their work is always thoughtful and professional and they are able to provide strategic advice to multiple constituencies while maintaining their impartiality. Their broad range of knowledge makes it easy to work with them on webcasts, white papers and other deliverables. On a personal note, they are one of my favorite firms to work with.

Mike Yaffe, Director Marketing at Core Security*

I have worked with Diana as a speaker and conference chair for many years. As a speaker I am constantly impressed by her breadth and depth of security knowledge, her clarity of thought and her lively presentation style. She has an unusual ability to communicate both the “big picture” and the technical detail. As a conference chair she is thoughtful, well-organized, innovative, practical and extremely responsive. Of all the security professionals I’ve worked with, Diana is one of the best.

Jean Hey, Vice President, Conference Division, MIS Training Institute*

Diana is one of our strongest contributors. I’ve hired her to write long-form magazine articles targeting a security management audience, as well as more in-depth technical pieces focused on an operational audience. She is also an excellent speaker, delivering technical sessions at many of our live events and in virtual environments for our online audiences. Her work and professionalism never disappoints. Diana has a broad knowledge base and understands her target audiences intimately. Her works is always on time and on point. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Mike Mimoso, Editorial Director, TechTarget Security Media Group*

Diana Kelley is a true subject matter expert in the field of information security and privacy. She also is a very effective communicator who freely and unselfishly shares what she knows with the larger security community. I have great respect for Diana, and consider her to be a trusted colleague and friend.

Dennis Devlin, Chief Information Security Officer, Brandeis University

I began working with Diana about a year ago when I first joined IANS and she consistently impresses me each and every time I work with her. Diana has great expertise in all things IT security, including the excellent ability to work with both the business and IT sides of an organization. While always knowledgeable, professional, and friendly, she works efficiently and tirelessly to ensure that client expectations are exceeded.

Michael Treacy, Sr. Vice President, Consulting at IANS

Diana and I have collaborated for a decade on numerous projects. Her breadth of industry knowledge is impressive. When asked about nearly anything, Diana always has a fast answer or insight to share or useful resource to suggest. Moreover, she is generous with her time, consistently cheerful, adept at introducing complex concepts and uses, and quick to challenge faulty assumptions. I can recommend Diana without reservation – it has been a pleasure to know her, personally and professionally.

Lisa Phifer, President, Core Competence, Inc.

While I have dealt with Diana mainly in her capacity as an industry analyst, the fact that she has been involved in information security as a vendor executive, product architect, practitioner, journalist, analyst, and blogger (to name a few:-), has made her one of the most astute, well rounded and thoughtful analysts I have worked with. We first met in 1999 and since then our paths have crossed many times. I have found Diana to be incredibly knowledgeable about security – security technology, infosec as a corporate function, security product development, etc. She is also very patient, generous with her time, articulate, highly intelligent a really nice, pleasant person. Not only would I highly recommend her, I have – and she has delivered in spades. She is a phenomenal writer and for a recent client project, she delivered what was expected on time, and her work was so impressive that client chose to extend the engagement.

Elizabeth Safran, Principal and Owner, Looking Glass Public Relations

Diana Kelley has been and remains a “go to” source on any security topic. Her research reflects depth and clarity of thought. She challenges assumptions and has the ability to examine any security topic, explain the security issues and provide easily understood solutions. Diana’s work continues to set an excellent standard for the Information Security industry.

Char Sample, Security Solutions Engineer, Carnegie Mellon University – CERT

I’ve had the privilege to work alongside Diana several times throughout the past dozen years and can say unequivocally that her insight, quality of research and strategic approach is second to none in the information security industry. One of greatest gifts is the ability to synthesize extremely complicated issues, distill them effectively and then communicate a finely crafted message across multiple modalities.

Michael Nickle, Global Solution Director, Global Security Practice, CA

I recommend Diana without reservation. She is exceptional in her grasp of the relationship between IT technology, policies and processes and the business. She is highly proficient in her analysis of the role of IT as a business enabler and in many areas of technology. She is that IT expert who is a highly capable writer, and is remarkably diligent and thorough. I have worked with her many times and as an editor and as a journalist consulting her as am expert source, and have had nothing but positive experiences.

Neil Roiter, Technology Editor/Writer, Project Manager

I’ve worked with Diana since 2006 when I became and Analyst at Burton Group. During that tenure I had the opportunity to work closely with Diana in a research capacity. I knew that I could reach out to her at any time for detailed and thorough information on security topics to support my research. I had complete confidence that Diana’s knowledge would make my work more complete and accurate. Since our respective tenures at Burton Group I’ve had the privilege to work with Diana as a member of the Collaborative Strategy Guild (CSG). She is my “go to” person for all matters security. Diana has a been a valuable member of CSG helping to establish our web site and providing leadership in business matters. She is amenable to working collaboratively and is a joy to work with on projects. Diana is one of my most trusted colleagues who has not only supported my work but also provided valuable advice and guidance on many topics. Anyone hiring Diana will consider her a valued resource and the right choice.

Karen Hobert, Principal Analyst, Collaborative Strategy Guild & President, Top Dog

I had the privilege of working with Diana Kelley at Burton Group, when she was Service Director for Burton’s Security and Risk Management Strategies service, and I was Research Director for Burton’s Collaboration and Content Strategies service. Diana is an exceptionally insightful technologist, and remains my primary go-to person when I have security-related questions. She is also incredibly hard-working and relentlessly dedicated to her customers and to project teams she has led. In addition to her considerable technical skills, Diana is also very effective at designing real-world solutions that account for organizational dynamics. She is always direct and constructive, focused on the right customer solution, even if it means having to navigate through politically challenging or otherwise sensitive dimensions. She is a creative problem-solver and analyst, and can discern patterns and connections (technical and organizational) that most people miss.

Peter O’Kelly, Principal Analyst at O’Kelly Associates

* Denotes title recommender held when work referenced was completed.


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